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AppleTown Dental | New Patients

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Welcome to our new patients!

Your first visit to the office will be scheduled with one of our dentists for a comprehensive examination and radiographs. We will listen to any concerns that you may have about your current oral health and provide you with treatment options to help you meet your dental needs.  Typically, your second visit will be with one of our wonderful hygienists to clean your teeth.  Often this can be coordinated with your first visit.

We offer electronic submission of dental insurance claims.  If you have private dental insurance please bring your current policy information to facilitate this service.

You will be given a comprehensive medical and dental health questionnaire to fill out before your appointment.  Please give yourself 15 minutes to complete this form before the appointment is scheduled to begin.   Please bring an updated list of any medications to your appointment. 

Book an Appointment

Existing patients please contact our receptionist by calling 902-538-9065 to coordinate the most convenient appointment time for you within your own schedule, and book with the dentist or hygienist that you prefer.  You can also submit a request on this webpage, or email the office directly. At AppleTown Dental we have a collaborative dental office where our patients are scheduled in with the dentist or hygienist of their preference, otherwise at the earliest available opening.   If by chance you are scheduled with one of our health professionals that you were not expecting, or would prefer a particular dentist or hygienist, we are happy to oblige – just let our receptionist know and we will try to accommodate your future visits to the office.

Recall Policy

Our office takes great pride in the preventative services that we offer through our regular recall appointments. We prescribe an individual recall schedule based on the conditions present in your mouth.  This is the most predictable way to reduce the chance that you will have progression of receding gums and gum disease.  In general, most patients benefit from dental scaling (cleaning your teeth) twice a year.  Some patients with moderate recession, aggressive oral bacteria and/or difficult areas to clean on their own are seen three or four times each year for scaling. If you have any specific questions about your own oral health and recession status, please ask one of our hygienists or dentists at your next checkup.

Emergency Dental Services

We are happy to provide our regularly seen patients with dental emergency services.  True dental emergencies include: severe tooth pain, infection, swelling, excessive bleeding and trauma.  An emergency contact number is provided on our answering machine. 


If you cannot reach us, or if you are not a regular patient of AppleTown Dental, and have a dental emergency, please contact our affiliated Fundy Dental Centre | Emergency Dental Clinic in Coldbrook @ 902-681-9111 to book an appointment to be seen ASAP! They are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Forms & Instructions

If you would like any intake forms, consent forms, pre or post-op instruction forms sent to you prior to your appointment, please call our office and we can email or fax them to you!

Do you have a Dental Emergency?

If you cannot reach us, and you are having a dental emergency, please call:

Fundy Dental Centre 

Emergency Dental Clinic   

(902) 681-9111

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