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AppleTown Dental | Payment & Policies


Our patients' privacy is of the utmost importance.  We would never share any personal information without prior consent.  To read our full privacy statement please click here.

Missed Appointments

We reserve appointment time for our patients and make every effort to keep our schedule on time.  If you need to change or cancel an appointment, we would appreciate 24-hr notice.  Failure to show for a scheduled appointment may result in a missed appointment fee of $45-90.  Multiple missed appointments are not tolerated by our office.

Cell & Tablet Use

The town of Berwick provides free Wi-Fi so that you can connect and use your devices while waiting for your appointment to start or when you are with another patient.  In consideration, we ask that ringers on cell phones be turned off when in the dental operatories.  During treatment feel free to bring your own headphones if having your own music on makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

Wi-Fi password: 19101014

Pricing & Payments

The Nova Scotia Dental Association annually publishes a suggested fee guide for the pricing of dental treatment and services. Our office follows this fee guide. We also can provide a printout of the suggested treatment plan for our patients so that they are aware of the costs involved, by procedure and appointment. We do expect payment in full at the end of each appointment.  Unfortunately, we do not provide payment plans through this office, however, third party financing is available (

Dental Insurance Policies

Patients with private dental insurance can assign their insurance benefit to our office, so that only the co-pay is due at the end of each appointment.  We can submit dental insurance claims electronically, so to provide this service please bring the appropriate information to your appointment.  Our office will work with our patients to process their claims, but it should be noted that we do not know the details of a patient’s specific insurance plan.  Also, our dentists and hygienists recommend treatment based on an individual’s need, which may or may not be covered by the insurance policy.  Patients are responsible to pay for all charges for services provided that are not covered by their insurance policy.  We will gladly submit predeterminations before treatment to discover what procedures are included, however sometimes it may take a while for you to hear back the results of these predeterminations.​

Methods of Payment

We do expect payment in full at the end of each appointment.  Unfortunately, we do not provide payment plans through this office. If you have insurance, and they do not cover the full amount of your bill, then you will be responsible for covering the balance of your insurance claim (we submit these electronically and often know the balance immediately).


APPROVED METHODS OF PAYMENT:    Cash, Cheque, Debit, Credit, or E-transfers (AMEX is not accepted at this time.)

For email transfers:

  1. Login to your online banking site, follow the links and instructions for this payment type.

  2. Please use the following address to send payment:

  3. Use the question: "Where is your office located?"... and then put the answer as: Berwick 

  4. In the note/message section, include the full name of the patient whose bill you are paying.

  5. Lastly, call or email the office to confirm this payment has been sent via e-transfer and to confirm again the  exact name of the patient the payment should be applied to.

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